Hati Padi Cottages Ubud

Location: Jalan Raya Kelusa 18, Keliki,Ubud
Maximum pax: 21
Starting: 2010
Audit on January 2023
Eco-rating: 54/100


The road to the cottage is stunning, one of the most beautiful in Bali, South of Kelusa. Hati Padi was situated in the middle of a huge ricefield, unfortunately another hotel has been buit beside, it affects a bit the charm of this secluded simple boutique hotel.


  • Land use occupancy: 30%
  • Landscape integration: yes
  • Materials: reclaimed wood + concrete
  • External shading: yes
  • Sun course calculation: no
  • Natural ventilation: yes
  • Solar energy: no
  • Energy saving: yes
  • Air con: no
  • Rain water harvesting: no
  • Swimming pool: yes
  • Waste water management: yes
  • Compost: yes
  • Permaculture: no
  • Reclaimed wood: yes
  • Ecosystem protection: yes
  • Drinking water refill: yes
  • Electric bikes / scoots: no
  • Heritage architecture: yes
  • Heritage food: yes
  • Human resources (minimum wages, local, training, gender parity…): yes
  • Staff health (food, health insurance): yes
  • Environmental awareness (staff, client): no
  • Local economy support (saturday market, in house events, local guides) : no
  • Corporate social responsibility: no

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