Bali Eco-House Programme

In partnership with professionals, we have developed a three-level specification to make the greenest houses possible in Bali. Our goal is not only to share all our knowledge but also to build model houses that will incorporate all the techniques and green building materials.


10 to 40% : bioclimatic

Low Land Use Occupation, Green belt around the house ; house orientation according to the winds ; use of the heliodon to calculate the shading of the house ; plan of the house incorporating natural ventilation ; sustainable materials, not harmful to health, with a low ecological footprint


50 to 80% : eco house

Energy-efficient and water-saving appliances and fixtures ; solar thermal hot water ; rain water harvesting ; waste water management including secondary loop for grey waters


90 to 100% : self-sufficient eco house

Solar panels ; swimming pool (don't assume your home is green just because it has a pool)

Steps and challenges to design a sustainable building in tropical environment

One of the projects of our foundation is to share information on sustainable construction in the Tropics and to build a model house that can inspire all builders in Bali and elsewhere in the world under the same latitude.

April 6, 2023


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